Welcome to Butler!

About Us - Founded in 1988, Butler Transport was built upon a spirit of innovation which continues to thrive as an integral part of the company's culture. In fact, we've become well known in the industry as a transportation provider who consistently delivers on its promises and drives value to our customer's bottom-line. We believe you'll be hard pressed to find a team of transportation professionals as attentive, responsible and knowledgeable as you will at Butler Transport.

Partners In Excellence - For over 25 years now, Butler Transport's slogan, "Partners In Excellence" has been the cornerstone of our success. Each employee at Butler Transport is committed to exceeding your expectations each and every time we have the opportunity to do business together by: providing the most attentive service, providing time-definite service and providing a positive experience during each interaction.

Technology Driven - At Butler Transport, we take pride in being an early adopter of cutting-edge technology. In fact, we implemented equipment tracking and messaging systems in our vehicles in 1989 - a full 10 years ahead of most of our competition. Our innovative spirit and ability to see value, where others only see costs, can be seen today as we have grown into one of the most progressive temperature-controlled transportation companies in the country.