Partners In Excellence!


Why Choose Butler - For over 25 years now, Butler Transport's slogan "Partners In Excellence" has been more than just a motto; it's been the cornerstone of our success. As our customer, this means that each and every time you allow us the opportunity to provide service; we will strive to provide the most attentive time-definite service possible to ensure a positive experience during each interaction.

Mission Statement - "Providing superior nationwide transportation services that exceed the varied and specialized needs of our customers."

Terminal Location - The Company operates from a terminal centrally located in Kansas City, KS. This facility has been the home for Butler Transport since January of 2000 and allows for the efficient operation of the company. The terminal facility provides a professional setting for all operations and administration staff, as well as a maintenance garage, automated truck wash, driver lounge and an employee training and orientation facility. From this central location, the company oversees the successful operation of several strategic operating units in a responsive and efficient manner serving multiple customer facilities throughout the continental United States.

Safety Initiatives - As an integral part of its compliance plan, the company has implemented training initiatives and incentives to ensure that its drivers continue to be some of the safest and most professional drivers on the road. In fact, we made the investment in 2009 to fully deploy an electronic hours-of-service driver logging solution (e-logs) into our fleet. The company has leveraged this technology by developing a customized interface to ensure real-time visibility and integration within our operating system. By bringing this level of visibility into our operations, the company is able to effectively provide compliant transit solutions for its customers.

Business Development - Our core values set the stage for creating long-term relationships that thrive on continuity and future expansion. We realize our growth is, in no small part, a factor of our superior customer service and our team's ability to deliver on our promise of providing superior on-time service, notification and communication metrics. We will always strive to develop win-win solutions for our customers while providing exceptional value and being committed to ensuring a superior customer experience.

Contact Us - We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity of growing our business together.